Dee Tenorio

Since today is the second round of releases over at Carina Press, I thought I’d give you a summation of what books are available amongst my guest bloggers. Lilly Cain’s fabulous erotic romance, Alien Revealed, is now available for download. You can read her blog post here. Inarrii agent Alinna […]

Week 2 of Carina Press releases: Aliens, Djinns, and Mayans, ...

Today’s the day Carina Press launches, and to help kick off the extravaganza, my guest author is *tada* a Carina author.  Dee’s been on my blog before, but I get a little more in-depth this time… Hello world, Dee Tenorio here, hijacking Leah’s blog for the day. 🙂 A quick […]

Dee Tenorio’s Tempting the Enemy

First off, do you remember how Wednesday’s guest blogger, Dee Tenorio said she was sick? She was on Twitter last night — her doctor has diagnosed her as having Swine Flu, and worse, her children have it too. So let’s send her family good thoughts/prayers/wishes that they all get better […]

About Dee, Elaine and a Poll

Dee Tenorio is a trooper. Even though she’s sick with a flu, she made the effort to write up her post for us and even hold a contest. In her website bio, she refers to herself as “secret agent mom”. Today she’s “secret agent writer” since she had to hide […]

Dee Tenorio’s Secret Agent post