Delilah Devlin

I’m guest blogging over at Delilah Devlin’s website today — talking about some of the updates I had to make to PERSONAL PROTECTION now it’s being re-released. Drop on by to find out why Superman would be in trouble these days…and other things that have become parts of our every […]

Superman would be in trouble

Leah Braemel: Feeding the Flames: When chef Tabatha Morgan returns to Barnett Springs, her burning crush on firefighter Zac Buchanan flares back to life. Trouble is, Zac has made a promise to keep his distance from Tabby, so Zac’s best friend and fellow firefighter Quinn decides to help feed the […]

A sneak peek at the stories behind Five Alarm Alphas

Author Delilah Devlin is hosting me over on her blog today.  I’m talking about my upcoming anniversary (surely it can’t be THAT many years?), and how my marriage and relationship with Gizmo Guy influenced my writing of Deliberate Deceptions.

Of Gizmo Guy and Chad

Once you’re done reading Anara’s interview, drop by Delilah Devlin’s blog where I’m talking about what it is that we find sexy about cowboys. (Delilah’s got a contest going so leave a comment to enter)

Guest blogging at Delilah Devlin’s