Since I’m still away, here’s some more of Curly’s school trip to Disneyworld. The only picture he didn’t get is one of him in his tuxedo when his band was actually playing, pity, because I’d have loved one. Curly in Disneyworld Continued… This is saying a lot, but the fourth […]

Curly in Disneyworld, Part Deux

Wylie, Amy and Christine and I have treated ourselves to a girl’s weekend away which means Christine will be wielding her “WRITE NOW” whip on us. So since I won’t be around to post, I’ve invited Curly to give his impressions of his recent trip to Disneyworld. (If you write […]

Guest Blogger: Curly (Part 1)

As I posted yesterday, I’m ‘abandoning’ Gizmo Guy and the boys for a wild girl’s weekend away and won’t be back until Monday. Yup, that’s how Gizmo Guy worded it – I was abandoning them. Yes, he was joking. They’ll get along fine. The house I’m not so sure about, […]

All my bags are packed, I’m SO ready to go