Meet Gina Gordon Your significant other will be home any minute. Dinner is made, the children have been shipped off to a safe place, the table is set, the music is playing and the lights are dim. There’s only one thing missing….where’s the sexy? I’ve come to the conclusion that […]

Gina Gordon: What makes you feel sexy?

I had so much fun writing the three main characters of Texas Tangle, that when it came time to do a trailer, I thought they each deserved their own. That’s because they each have three very distinct personalities in my mind. First there’s Dillon, who is very laid back, easy-going, […]

Whee! Today’s guest is fellow Canadian writer Toni Anderson. Oh, all right, so she may not have been born on Canadian soil, but she’s adopted us, so now we claim her as our own. Toni’s first release from Carina Press is her Sea of Suspicion (isn’t that a great title?) […]

Toni Anderson’s Sea of Suspicion

It’s a true blog swap today — with fellow Carina Press launch author Jenny Schwartz.  So read Jenny’s post below, then pop on over (or down) to Jenny’s blog where you can read my post.   There are photos of more horses showing the inspiration to Nikki’s farm, a photo […]

Jenny Schwartz’s Prediction Comes True

You may remember that last year I participated in Moira Rogers’ Get Hooked on a Series contest.  Well, it was so successful that Moira’s running it again (her third time, my second time participating)  I’m giving away yet another copy of Private Property, the first in the Hauberk series. 21 […]

“Get Hooked on a Series” returns!