When “The End” is not the end

I finished the first draft of the next in the Hauberk series a few days ago. This one is Troy’s and Sandy’s story (you haven’t met Troy yet–he’s mentioned in Personal Protection but doesn’t get a speaking part until Deliberate

Is that a light up ahead?

I’m hopefully on the home stretch for my work in progress. How can I tell? I printed it out last night. There’s something satisfying about seeing this big stack of paper and thinking “I wrote that!” It makes me feel

What is editing anyway?

I’m not sure how many people who read this aren’t also authors who understand the editing process, but if you’re not a writer and wonder what it is authors look for when they’re editing, or have read a book and

Is there a narrative at all?

So last week I wrote over 20K. This week? Yeah, I’ve totally slowed down. I did however get my manuscript to a point where I guess I could say the first draft is complete. But that’s all it is. A

Clean up on Aisle 4

My edits are done! Woohoo! Although I expect they may come back. In addition to wanting an extra love scene, my editor made a single line suggestion that ended up having me delete a scene and replace it with a

Locking Myself in My Cave

I’m still working on my edits for Personal Protection and I think I’m confusing myself the more I edit. I’ve had a discussion with my editor about what direction to take the changes she’s asked for, and I think I’m