I’m hidden away in a library in a town in central Ontario today. It’s a locally famous library – it was used in the movie Jumper a while back starring Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson. (I never have seen the movie. I did hear it wasn’t well received though […]

Jumping over central Ontario (& the web)

Why is it some weeks I have trouble coming up with a post a day, and other weeks I have so much going on I have to have multiple posts a day. It’s all very confusing. I promise I will be putting the Twitter 101 Part 2 post up today. […]

It’s (Coffee) Time for another Contest

Between writing and the Birthday Bash, I’ve been spending 15 hours a day at my computer in my office and not paying much attention to the family (or the housework). The little trip to Mt. Tremblant helped a bit, and let me pay some attention to Gizmo Guy, but this […]

Kicking Back for once

Painting of girl embroidering, by Georg Friedrich Kersting, ca. 1814* image licensed under Creative Commons Last week, I posted a blog about my embroidery. And I realized that it was a BIG part of a historical woman’s world … even as late as the 1930’s and 1940’s, embroidery and sewing […]

Historical Heroines pasttimes

In yesterday’s post I mentioned my embroidery, and realized I hadn’t taken any pictures of most of my ‘other’ work. So I went around with my camera and snapped a few shots and thought I’d share them with you. Now these are just some of the pieces I’ve had framed, […]

My ‘Other’ work