The weather sure has changed up here! Last week I blogged that it was really cold. Well today it’s 11C (nearly 52F) and I’m looking at clumps of green grass poking up through what’s left of the melting snow. Anyway, back to the purpose of the post – when I […]

Editing an erotica …

When I typed those ‘two little words’ at the end of my story, I think my brain decided to hit the ‘off’ switch. I’ve been brain dead ever since. I spent the weekend playing solitaire, and fiddling around with various non-computer/writing related stuff. I haven’t looked at the Delving Deep […]

Brain dead

Happy Dance Time Yes, I did it – I typed those six letters (and one space) at the end of my story for EC today. 30,554 words all written since May 22nd. There’s still a few places I have to smooth out – a transition between two scenes, and one […]

The End!!!!

I should have posted goals for this week but I haven’t. Can’t even begin to think of doing anything but getting through the week. Keeping me busy #1: my erotica novella. I sent off 90% of my ms. to my critique partners for them to tear apart. I’ve got two […]

Busy busy busy

Since I’ve got my laptop, I’ve found I love writing on it out in my family room instead of the cave of an office we have. But there are several problems with that. The main one is other people wander in and out and interrupt my train of thought. But […]

This is … awkward