To a Mouse

I’m always divided about what I should be blogging about here — whether details of my personal life are just too….personal.  Or whether you like seeing the inside of an author’s life. I’m pretty much an open book (HaHaha! Hadn’t

Monday Check-In

I almost titled this Monday Morning Check-In, then realized it’s Monday afternoon. As you’ve noticed I’ve not been posting as much as I usually do.  That’s because I’ve decided this year I have to focus on writing more novels/novellas than

Away we go!

Last year I made a New Year’s resolution to “get healthy”. Little did I realize the challenges facing me on that one. Turned out it took more than just diet and exercise, but multiple visits to the doctor, numerous blood

Bedtime Memories

No, not THAT type of bedtime memory, sheesh, your mind is almost as bad as mine. Which I fully agree resides in the gutter. I’m talking about one of my (and Gizmo Guy’s) favorite memories of when Guitar Hero was