Today’s guest blogger is Candace Havens. I first met Candy back in the fall of 2006 when my critique partners convinced me to join her online FastDraft course. I’d stopped writing for close to 15 months at that point, and needed a swift kick in the rear. Candy delivered it […]

Please welcome Candace Havens!

Days to Dallas: 96 days, 23 hours I’m taking two courses – Great Beginnings: How to introduce Irresistible Characters, and Writing with Sexual Tension. It’s only day two and I’ve already felt like I need to beat my head against the desk several times, that all my writing is crap […]

Can you teach an old (and entrenched) brain new tricks?

Days til Dallas: 98 days, 20 hours at this writing. First – editing the MS. Though it’s been a struggle, I’m getting there. I’ve rewritten the first chapter for what must be the … 8th? time. Although it’s technically only the third attempt for the paranormal version. And I’m much […]

Good idea/Bad idea of laptops

Right on the heels of those posts about travel, I booked my flight to Dallas AND registered for July’s RWA conference. May I say … or perhaps scream in excitement: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! Followed by a panicked howl of: What the h*ll am I doing? I don’t have […]

Aaak! It’s booked! There’s no turning back now!