First Night

I’m over at the Contemporary Romance Cafe today, talking about an epiphany that linked my knitting to my writing process. And how that epiphany has helped me regain some of the joy of writing again…

An epiphany while knitting…

I apologize that it’s been almost a month since I posted here, but I’ve needed to stay quiet, to step back for a while, not just from the blog but from a lot of social media too, to try to find my balance, both in writing and in dealing with […]

What’s going on with Leah?

Yesterday I changed up my snippet so you had to vote for the couple and the book you thought it came from. Everyone guessed Mark and Jodi. Huzzah! You had a little more problem guessing which book it was from. It was a little trickier. 3 of you guessed it […]

Poll results from yesterday’s Snippet — did you get it ...

Today’s topic is Beginnings, and what better scene for me to post today than the very start of the Hauberk Protection series. The first book in the series, technically, is Private Property, the tale of how Mark Rodriguez’s plan to surprise his girlfriend Jodi with her fantasy sex list goes […]

Snippet Saturday: Beginnings

You thought I’d already had my birthday? Nope. Today’s the day. THE day. I wish I could put up a baby picture of me from “back then” but this is the best I can do – this is me in 1964. Yup, I lived in the days before color existed. […]

Today’s Guest blogger is … Leah!

I finally got with the program and created my own book trailer and uploaded it on YouTube. This was an experiment as I was teaching myself a flash program that I probably won’t use again, LOL. I think I prefer Roxio. But here it is … only 32 seconds long, […]

First Night Story Trailer

I’m blogging over at the new Samhellion blog today in the first of what will be a regular monthly blogging session. Come read, leave a comment, then continue on over to The Samhellion and download my New Year’s Eve story, First Night, to get a sneak peak at Private Property‘s […]

First Night released today!

I’ve been blogging almost two years now and I had it in the back of my head that blogging would get easier. I was wrong. Tomorrow I’m scheduled to post my very first blog over on the new Samhellion blog. I’m starting to panic because right now I have nothing. […]

The Well’s Running Dry