I’m going to do things a little differently today. First up, instead of using randomizer to choose a winner, I’m going to award the prize based upon the best ghost story. Second, Catherine has generously offered a free copy, but I’ve also said I’ll be providing one too, so TWO […]

Winners of Catherine Wade’s Another Time Around

Today’s guest blogger, Catherine Wade, and I joined the Samhain family at about the same time, and throughout the past year (where has it gone, Cate?) we’ve exchanged quite a few emails pondering the “huh?” moments of publishing. Yesterday, Cate’s second book, Another Time Around was released as an e-copy […]

Catherine Wade dropping by for Another Time Around

It’s over, and though I’m exhausted I’m happy – and inspired. Eve Silver was the PAN author who critiqued our group’s submissions. The other authors included a writer of YA, another historical writer, and a contemporary romantic suspense author. So we had a wide range of styles/voices. Eve offered her […]

After the critique