Okay I’ve been blogging all over the place promoting my latest release 2 Hot 2 Handle (great review from Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews! Over 3 weeks on the MBAM Top 10 bestseller list!) But I’m all blogged out, so this post isn’t about sexy ménage books; in fact this is […]

Why is Kelly Jamieson 2 Hot 2…Google?

Nope, it’s not another link to a guest blog I’ve done. (Thank the Good Lord for THAT!, I can hear you sigh.) On Saturday a friend of mine emailed me that I’d been mentioned on a specific site back on January 31st. Even though I have a Google Alert set […]

Where is Leah today?

I suffer from Multiple Identity Syndrome. I’ll bet some of you do too. But I don’t think we qualify for psychiatric help just yet. I’m talking about my multiple email addresses. I have always kept a couple – one I gave only to my family and friends, one I used […]

Switching Identities

The repartitioning went well, my laptop’s running much faster now, thanks to Gizmo Guy’s magic. Yesterday I blogged about getting hooked on watching DC traffic cams. And a few of you commented, asking how I find those sites. Not to puff myself up, but my critique partners often send me […]

Tips from the Googlemeister