Rule Britannia…

Don’t forget I’m over in England today (unfortunately only in cyber-England) with Claire Robyns.  She’s asking me some questions about Texas Tangle.  Go here and have a read, then come back and enter my contest for one of Inez Kelley’s

Where’s Leah today?

So I don’t interrupt Red’s post, I’m just popping in quickly to say that I’m over at Carrie Lofty’s blog Salome’s Corner today, talking about my inspiration for Nikki, the heroine in Texas Tangle. AND if you head over there

Leah’s Blog Hopping

Nope, I’m not standing on my head, I’m “down under” the equator. (Oh, shoot, the dirty jokes I could do with that!)  Hmm, I should have tried to photoshop a picture of myself riding in the pouch of a kangaroo