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How well do you know your movies or books? Vivian Arend and I were scheduled with back-to-back posts over on the Samhain blog. She’s up today and I’m up for tomorrow. So we decided to get together and have some fun.  Today Viv’s giving you some lines from my favorite […]

Quick Name That ….

I’m over at Bitten by Paranormal Romance today as part of their “7 Days of Summer Erotica Heat” extravaganza. I’m giving away a copy of my backlist, so if there’s one of my books you haven’t read yet you have a chance to win it today by leaving a comment.

Guest blogging at Bitten by Paranormal Romance

Once you’re done reading Anara’s interview, drop by Delilah Devlin’s blog where I’m talking about what it is that we find sexy about cowboys. (Delilah’s got a contest going so leave a comment to enter)

Guest blogging at Delilah Devlin’s

Or is that Bernita Harris’?  Never can figure that out. When I went to school, the standard was the second way, but times they are a-changing. And you’ll find out just how much they’ve changed for me over at Bernita’s “An Innocent A-Blog” today where I’m talking about the precursor […]

I’m Guest Blogging over at Bernita Harris’s today

I’m over at Shelley Munro’s today, answering her questions, and giving away a copy of Texas Tangle. And as you may notice, I’ve been playing around with my blog…it’ll change a few times in the next little while I imagine. If there’s something you really despise, or love, about the […]

Guest blogging at Shelley Munro’s

I nearly forgot — I’m guest blogging over at Cindy Spencer Pape’s today — talking some more about my trip to Texas, and the “haves” vs “the have nots” …

Guest Blogging today

Sorry about this folks, but there’s been a bit of a glitch (entirely my fault) — I completely fumbled the ball on today’s guest blogger’s post.  But I won’t leave you completely in the lurch — I’m over at Inez Kelley’s today being my usual smart a$$ self talking what […]

Texas Two-Step blogging

Almost forgot to mention — it’s a true blog swap day — I’m over at Toni’s blog talking about where I grew up and how it influenced me when I was writing Texas Tangle. (There are pictures too comparing my parents’ back yard with a Texas farm.)

Corn, Cows and Christmas trees, oh my!

Don’t forget I’m over in England today (unfortunately only in cyber-England) with Claire Robyns.  She’s asking me some questions about Texas Tangle.  Go here and have a read, then come back and enter my contest for one of Inez Kelley’s books.

Rule Britannia…

So I don’t interrupt Red’s post, I’m just popping in quickly to say that I’m over at Carrie Lofty’s blog Salome’s Corner today, talking about my inspiration for Nikki, the heroine in Texas Tangle. AND if you head over there (after reading Red’s post) you’ll also get the first look […]

Where’s Leah today?

Nope, I’m not standing on my head, I’m “down under” the equator. (Oh, shoot, the dirty jokes I could do with that!)  Hmm, I should have tried to photoshop a picture of myself riding in the pouch of a kangaroo a la Homer Simpson. Whips out an atlas and Wikipedia […]

Leah’s Blog Hopping

Wow, Carina Press’ launch is only one week away.  As you’ve probably noticed on my sidebar, my guest blogger list is a bit more full than usual for this month.  Instead of hosting one guest a week, I’m going to be hosting a different author each weekday (and a couple […]

Carina Countdown Continues