Guilty Pleasures

As I catch up on everything I missed while I was away, and prepare for next week’s trip, I figured I’d post all the reviews I’ve received for No Accounting for Cowboys so far. (You did know I had a new book out, right? ) Anyway, I’ve been pleased with […]

Reviewers giving No Accounting for Cowboys two thumbs up

Slick gives Personal Protection 5 Silver Stars 2
There were so many twists and turns to this story I felt like I was on a mountain road and wasn’t sure if I wanted to get off. The action, dialog, characters, and plot were all so well written that I found myself completely immersed. Woot — Slick over at […]

Slick loves Sam

Slick Reads over at Guilty Pleasures reviewed Private Property today and gave it a “Recommended Read”. I enjoyed it so much I knew I’d read anything future she published. The characters are interesting, the dialog engaging, and the sex scenes are hot. Another thing that Slick Reads said was: this […]

Private Property still in the Limelight