happy dance

You may have seen me announce this on Twitter and Facebook yesterday but since I’d already had yesterday’s post up, I decided to wait until today to post the details. Because this type of news deserves a post all its own! Remember I did a post called “Squee” back on […]

Coming soon: Deliberate Deceptions, Hauberk Book #3

…but I can’t tell you why yet. Again!  Just know that I’m choked up and crying and laughing hysterically all at the same time. Last year was so tough but this year?  OMG this year is turning out better beyond my expectations. Dance with me!


…but I can’t tell you why yet. Those of you who have followed this blog for a while now may be able to figure it out from this video. 😉 I won’t taunt you for long. I promise.

Feelin’ Happy

… and so am I. (For the high quality version go here … and then dance along with me.)

Matt’s Dancing …

On the heels of the bad news of my last post, I have good news – for me anyway. I finally finished the rewriting/reworking of Private Property, a contemporary erotic novella I’ve been working on. I sent it out to my crit partners just now. Yippee! I’m really happy with […]

Happy Dance time

Happy Dance time. It’s done! After a lot of stops and starts – mainly stops thanks to NaNo and all that family cr*p that’s going on – the story I’d shoved it aside telling myself I’d get back to it ‘soon’ is finally done! I actually typed “The End”. I […]

Those Lovely Six Letters

I got a laptop! Yippee!! It’s a refurbished Sony VAIO that Gizmo Guy (herebefore known as Dear Hubby) found at Best Buy for a remarkably affordable price even before the salesman threw in a three year warranty at no charge. Its case is a bit scratched up but everything works […]

Happy Dance Time … a new reason!

Ring the bells, honk the horns, blow the kazoos! It’s DONE! Today I actually typed those two little words: The End I still have some scenes to edit/add, and there are probably sagging points that’ll have to be cut, but Hallelujah, the first draft is finished. And one day before […]

Major Happy Dance Time

After nearly two weeks of massive editing, I finally got my storyline the way I wanted it. And I’ve started moving forward again. Phew! In fact I’ve managed to make it – finally – to 70,000 words today! And I’m in the middle of the ‘black moment.’ Which means it’s […]

Happy Dance Time

60,000! I reached it at 10:30 last night! And I’m now much happier with the storyline, and the way things are unfolding. Molly O’Keefe said during her talk on Saturday that a good story makes the reader ask questions that they just have to find out the answer to, and […]

Happy Dance Time … Again!

I hit 50,000 words today and in less than a month! Yippee! I’m ‘over the hump’ so to speak. And it’s only the first draft … okay, okay, I should just celebrate this milestone while I’m here!

Happy Dance Time