Hauberk series

I finished the first draft of the next in the Hauberk series a few days ago. This one is Troy’s and Sandy’s story (you haven’t met Troy yet–he’s mentioned in Personal Protection but doesn’t get a speaking part until Deliberate Deceptions.)  A big part of the story is Scott — […]

When “The End” is not the end

My wordcount usually slows a bit on the weekend because the family’s all home and that’s when I have to do all my running around. (It’s weird, you’d think I’d do any shopping etc. on weekdays when the stores aren’t so busy, but then I’m usually so focused on my […]

Sunday, busy Sunday

You know yesterday’s post and how it ended with a picture of Karl Urban?  Well, Gizmo Guy reads my blog. And raised an eye brow at the Yummy comment I’d left below Karl’s picture. (he was smiling, don’t worry.)  I started plotting book #4…oh, ages ago. And as part of […]

Teasers and first impressions

It’s still Monday, so I’m not posting this late. Exactly. I decided to put my writing before my blog posts today. I’m going to try to wind up my publishing terminology posts today. I let my “teacher” side run wild last week…sorry. While your editor is working on edits, there […]

Conclusion of my terminology lecture

The third draft of Chad’s story is done and will be heading out to my critique partners tomorrow morning. Once they get their comments back, I go through and make the changes they suggest (or not). So I’m that much closer to subbing it to my editor. Now I need […]


I did it! I reached 50,000 words in my National Novel Writing Month project – which means I’m that much closer to being done Chad’s story. Okay, I’m that much closer to being done the first draft of Chad’s story. I figure I’ve got about another 20K to write before […]


Yesterday’s NaNoWriMo daily count? 4092 words for a cumulative total of almost 13K. Woot! Yup, four days in and I’m a quarter the way to NaNo’s goal of 50K (although I figure the story will be around 70K by the time it’s done.)  I’ll be one happy camper if I […]

NaNo check in for Wednesday