As I blogged about a while ago, I’ve been suffering a few health problems all this year but I kept putting things off, saying they’d get better. Between Gizmo Guy’s and my critique partner Marley’s nagging, I finally went to my GP. He ordered a bunch of blood taken, and […]


I’m sick. No, it’s nothing life threatening, it’s only a cold. But it just won’t go away. Normally after a week, it’s starting to get better, but this darned one just keeps getting worse. I’ve tried Sudafeds, NeoCitrans, Tylenol Cold medicine, you name it. I’ve even tried the tried-and-true chicken […]

Home Remedies

Well, maybe that title’s a little premature. How about ‘Walking into Ideas’? As a way to combat the stress that has been pounding at us lately, my editing partner, Marley, suggested that we both needed to keep ourselves in shape. We agreed that in addition to reporting word counts each […]

Running into ideas

Here’s a Public Awareness post … it came through as an email and often those make me suspicious as so many can be hoaxes, but I checked it out on the Urban Legends page and it’s real. I’ve edited some of it out as a lot was repetitive. Another version […]