Hidden Heat

As part of their “Cowboy Week,” Scorching Book Reviews has reviewed Tangled Past (at the time I’m writing this, I have no idea whether the review is good or bad — we’ll discover which together) and Day Dreaming Blog has interviewed me about my ideas of my “Perfect Hero.” There’s […]

Tangled Past–part of Cowboy Week at Scorching Book Reviews

If you want to see more pictures I took in New York, I’ve put them up in two albums on my Facebook page. In case anyone I took a picture of objects to FB’s new face recognition policy/database, I didn’t tag anyone but if you see a picture of yourself […]

Back to real life

You probably have already seen me talk about this on Twitter or Facebook (or maybe you even noticed it had gone up on my Coming Soon page), but just to make it official here: on Friday I signed my fourth contract with Samhain Publishing — this one for Hidden Heat, […]

Coming Soon: Hidden Heat

I woke up this morning to a Tweet that Pearl over at Pearl’s World of Romance had put up a review of Texas Tangle–she gave it an 8.5 “Great” on her scale. I really like Pearl’s reviews. She gives you snippets of her favorite scenes and her favorite lines, and […]

Hooking up with old friends