Immortal series

The number thirteen was lucky today for: Joy Roett Congratulations, Joy. I’ll be contacting you shortly about which copy of JK’s book you’d like. There were 23 items in your list. Here they are in random order: Joy Roett lindseye Hockey Vampiress Estella Caffey Cathy M Aliens Marley Delarose RK […]

Daily Draw #13

Three writing buddies, three romance genres, three to-die-for heroes. Throw in an ancient artifact and the possibility of the end of the world…and you’ve got one exciting short story put together just for you! Come and meet the sexy security team from Leah Braemel’s Hauberk Protection Series, the smart and […]

When Worlds Collide – Final installment

Today’s post of our round-robin story can be found here on JK Coi’s blog. JK Coi is the author of five books – four in her Immortal series, and one in her Destiny Series, all published by Linden Bay Romance. (Trouble with Destiny is scheduled to be re-released under the […]

3 Authors * 5 Characters * 1 Story

Today’s the first segment of a round-robin story I’ve helped write with fellow TRW members, Kimber Chin and JK Coi. It’s a fun romp that involves two of Kimber’s characters – Hagen and Maeve from Invisible, the second in her Breach of Trust series; JK’s immortal demon-hunter Gideon from her […]

3 Authors * 5 Characters * 1 Story