Inez Kelley

Come, give it to me. No, not THAT tongue! Geeeesh, you pervert. Put that thing away before you hurt yourself. I’m not talking about kissing… although I guess I COULD. Kissing is… hmm…well, it’s hard to describe. Basically, it is two people swapping spit, sticking their tongues in each other’s […]

Inez Kelley: Slip Me Some Tongue

I’m guest blogging at two different sites today talking about my hero and heroine and their evolution. (I hadn’t realized I’d set up the topics like that until I started writing this post.) I’m over at The Nine Naughty Novelists’ blog today talking about two women who influenced me when […]

Playing in Other People’s Sandboxes

Two of life’s greatest things, right? Adult novelty shops have long combined the two. You can buy chocolate body paint, chocolate flavored body sugar, etc. Scientific studies have even proven that the same endorphins released during orgasm are triggered by chocolate consumption. In my new release SWEET AS SIN, Livvy […]

Inez Kelley: Sex and Chocolate

Over on Twitter, a few of my fellow Carina authors are celebrating that their books are about to released as audiobooks through One of the authors was contacted by one of the people who was going to read their book, asking about a pronunciation. (I think that’s such a […]

I could listen to him all day

Sorry about this folks, but there’s been a bit of a glitch (entirely my fault) — I completely fumbled the ball on today’s guest blogger’s post.  But I won’t leave you completely in the lurch — I’m over at Inez Kelley’s today being my usual smart a$$ self talking what […]

Texas Two-Step blogging

There are a two winners here, so make sure you read the whole post…First off, the winner of their choice of Inez Kelley’s backlist is… Cathy M Cathy, I’ll be contact you about what book you’d like and what format. You’ll have 7 days to get back to me (if […]

Contest Winners

I really wanted to title this post “Talking Dirty with Inez Kelley” Why? Because last year Inez is the one who had me rolling on the floor in laughter with her first guest blog during last year’s Birthday Bash when she discussed “do the lips match the tips.” Yes, “those” […]

Watching Sunrise with Inez Kelley

The winner of Inez Kelley’s contest never claimed her prize, so I drew a new winner.  Jamie Babette.   Please send an email to Leah DOT Braemel @ gmail DOT com (change DOT to . and remove the spaces, natch) with your snail mail address and I’ll forward it to Inez […]

New winner of Inez Kelley’s contest

Yup, I’m back. At least until the next round of edits. (I’m not sure if there are another round of edits or not–all I know from here is the manuscript will head to the copyeditors who are responsible for correcting my punctuation and grammar.) A little bit of housekeeping: First […]

I’m back! In body, not mind.

The winner of Inez Kelley’s contest is:Laura Laura – you didn’t leave your email addy, so it’s going to be up to you to contact me within the next 7 days to claim your copy of Inez’s book. Send an email to leah.braemel (without the spaces) with your snail […]

Winner of Inez Kelley’s Jinxed

Hey Leah, s’me again! Did you redecorate? No? Hmm, something seems to be missing. Oh, I know what it is! BOXES! You don’t have any. See, while your blog readers are reading this, I am currently running around like the proverbial Col. Sander’s meal without my head. No, really, it […]

Move over, it’s Inez Kelley again!

I’m supposed to be packing for a weekend away with my writing buds.  I’m supposed to be ready to leave in the morning.  I’m not. *cringe*  I finished my edits on Texas Tangle yesterday (a day early–woot!) But holy moly, Angela James and my new editor at Carina Press, Rhonda […]

All My Bags are Packed—Not!