Hey Leah, s’me again! Did you redecorate? No? Hmm, something seems to be missing. Oh, I know what it is! BOXES! You don’t have any. See, while your blog readers are reading this, I am currently running around like the proverbial Col. Sander’s meal without my head. No, really, it […]

Move over, it’s Inez Kelley again!

Ladies, I want to thank you all for being such brave sports and actually posting an answer to Inez’s question on yesterday’s blog. If you notice, I didn’t have the guts, LMAO. I also want to thank Inez for giving us such a hilarious blog post – I’m sure many […]

Daily Draw Winner #12

When I asked my guests to come up with a chatty post, I felt a little guilty because I knew I was asking a lot. (It’s tough coming up with an original blog post when you are asked to talk about the same book over and over again.) I had […]

Inez Kelley: Do the tips match the lips?