JK Coi

I just got back from the Romancing the Capital event in Ottawa Ontario. The fantabulous Eve Langlais put together an amazing conference for both readers and authors — there were no glitches, no drama llamas, everything ran wonderfully (from what I saw, though Eve may have a different experience). Fans were […]

Romancing the Capital a total success

Today was the giant celebration of books in Toronto today. That’s right a book festival. Every reader and author’s dream block party. It’s called Word on the Street and there are books of every type — children’s, non-fiction, fiction both literary and genre. Authors of all types are there, mingling […]

Word on the Street 2010

I love romance writers. The first time I went to a Toronto Romance Writers‘ meeting I was greeted with so much enthusiasm it was almost overwhelming. I’d never been in a room full of such supportive women before, so willing to offer advice and cheer for your accomplishments and sympathize […]

A hearty thanks…

  Mitzi! You’ve won an e-copy of JK Coi’s The Morning After. Please send an email to Leah DOT Braemel @ gmail.com and I’ll forward your information to JK. There were 10 items in your list. Here they are in random order: Mitzi Natasha A Princess Aurora Cari Quinn Estella […]

Winner of JK Coi’s The Morning After

Have you ever done something really stupid? Something you know you’re going to regret for years, that will come back to haunt you whenever you think you’ve finally kicked it firmly to the curb? And how many times have those mistakes been made as a result of fear, insecurity, anger? […]

The Morning After with JK Coi

Yikes, it’s Monday January 11th already and I’ve not posted since Friday. Sorry sorry sorry! All I can plead is that I’m up to my ears in edits and rewrites of two different stories while running into Toronto on Saturday along with the usual family routines. On the writing front, […]

What do you mean it’s Monday?

Monday. AND the last day of November. Where the heck has the past week gone, let alone the month?  Gizmo Guy has been home for the past week with H1N1, the job Guitar Hero expected to get after he finishes his courses turned out to be something other than what […]

Another month gone?

As you may have noticed I’ve been AWOL a lot lately. I’ve been working on finishing up my latest work-in-progress and it’s taking all my concentration.  I’m hoping to have the last half finished and out to my critique partners by the end of the week. (Which is what I […]

To-Do List

RK Charron Congratulations, RK. I will be contacting you shortly about your copy of JK Coi’s The Trouble with Destiny, so keep an eye on your inbox. There were 16 items in your list. Here they are in random order: RK Charron Estella Karin Hockey Vampiress elaing8 Razlover’s Book Blog […]

Winner of JK Coi’s The Trouble with Destiny

You may remember today’s guest blogger. JK Coi and I got together with Kimber Chin and did a fun free cross-genre story back in June, then JK guest blogged on my Birthday Bash. She’s back again with the re-release of her Trouble with Destiny. This past Saturday I was wondering […]

JK Coi’s Destiny is Definitely not Trouble

The number thirteen was lucky today for: Joy Roett Congratulations, Joy. I’ll be contacting you shortly about which copy of JK’s book you’d like. There were 23 items in your list. Here they are in random order: Joy Roett lindseye Hockey Vampiress Estella Caffey Cathy M Aliens Marley Delarose RK […]

Daily Draw #13

My regular followers are already familiar with JK Coi – she, Kimber Chin and I got together back in June and wrote a cross-genre short story. JK (a fellow Toronto Romance Writer) writes the fantastic paranormal Immortal series. If you love sex, dark alpha males, read JK’s books. There are […]

Immortalizing JK Coi