JoAnn Smith Ainsworth

That you readers are all so unique is one of my biggest challenges as a writer. What one of you loves, the other of you hates. I can’t write one sentence on top of another. I only get one choice of what to put down on a blank sheet of […]

Going Medieval with JoAnn Smith Ainsworth

Not a big long blog post today because I’m deep into writing a new short erotic novella right now. And I’m getting ready for Sherrilyn Kenyon’s signing at my local bookstore tonight. I plan on getting lots of pictures and hopefully an autographed copy of one of her books for […]

Monday Monday

Sorry, folks. I had an author’s senior moment and the day drifted past me. I was in a writer’s fog—living with my characters in my head instead of keeping my eye on the calendar. In this case, I’m building a story set in Buffalo, Wyoming, in 1895. You might think […]

Guest Blogger: JoAnn Smith Ainsworth