Karen Dales

Today was the giant celebration of books in Toronto today. That’s right a book festival. Every reader and author’s dream block party. It’s called Word on the Street and there are books of every type — children’s, non-fiction, fiction both literary and genre. Authors of all types are there, mingling […]

Word on the Street 2010

Congratulations, Susan Helen Gottfried You’ve won the draw for an autographed copy of Karen Dales’ Angel of Death. There were 30 items in your list. Here they are in random order: Susan Helene Natasha A Elaing8 Hockey Vampiress Estella Ellen Host Tigger9 Housemouse88 Lindseye Tetewa RK Charron Llehn Cybercliper Valerie […]

Daily Draw Winner #22

I’m starting to believe there’s something in the Ontario water that nurtures creativity. Six authors this month are from Ontario (you’ve met three of them already – do you remember who they were?) Well, add today’s guest, Karen Dales, to their number. For all you paranormal readers, you might want […]

Karen Dales is one of the Chosen