Daily Wordcount: 2175 wordsWeek so far: 12938 words I think I could have written more today, but I, um, forgot the rule Natalie told us at the TRW meeting the other day: “Write the draft THEN research.” It wasn’t a new rule, I’d heard it before – from Candy Haven’s […]

Over 12,000 in five days

Gizmo Guy is home this week – he always takes vacation the week around our anniversary – it’ll be our 29th next Sunday. Pre-children, we would arrange to go to Niagara Falls for a long weekend and take in the kick-off of the Blossom festival. (That’s me on our honeymoon […]

Spring Cleanup

Days til Dallas: 98 days, 20 hours at this writing. First – editing the MS. Though it’s been a struggle, I’m getting there. I’ve rewritten the first chapter for what must be the … 8th? time. Although it’s technically only the third attempt for the paranormal version. And I’m much […]

Good idea/Bad idea of laptops

I got a laptop! Yippee!! It’s a refurbished Sony VAIO that Gizmo Guy (herebefore known as Dear Hubby) found at Best Buy for a remarkably affordable price even before the salesman threw in a three year warranty at no charge. Its case is a bit scratched up but everything works […]

Happy Dance Time … a new reason!