Lilly Cain

Since today is the second round of releases over at Carina Press, I thought I’d give you a summation of what books are available amongst my guest bloggers. Lilly Cain’s fabulous erotic romance, Alien Revealed, is now available for download. You can read her blog post here. Inarrii agent Alinna […]

Week 2 of Carina Press releases: Aliens, Djinns, and Mayans, ...

Today’s guest is Carina Press author Lilly Cain.  And guess what? She’s a Canuck, just like me!  Woot!  Since I suck at summing up bios, I stole this one directly from Lilly’s website: Lilly Cain is a wild woman with a deep, throaty laugh and plunging necklines. She is a […]

Revealing Lilly Cain