Lorelei James

Since you’re following this blog, you probably already read romances, so how about sharing your favorite romance, new or old, or favorite romance author, with the rest of us? For me? I know I’m going to forget a lot of my favorite authors, and favorite books, but here’s a starter […]

Did you know it’s “Read a Romance” Month?

So you may have been seeing a lot of people talking on Twitter or Facebook about #RAGT — which stands for the Lori Foster Reader and Author Get Together. I’ve gone for the last three years, and each year it has gotten bigger. And better.  Which explains why it filled […]

Memories of RAGT, part one

Last call for entries to the contest for Lorelei James’ newest release, Corralled. While I’ve got your attention, if you’ve ever wanted a visual image of what cowboys these days endure (yes, they do still exist) or want to see what Lorelei’s characters endure, you might want to tune into […]

American Cowboys

Just checking in to tell you that yes I am still alive.  There’s not been much going on here during the days — Guitar Hero and Gizmo Guy are working hard during the day, Curly is at work most evenings.  It’s been humid as heck around here, though today is […]

One down, six gazillion to go

It’s officially *head meet desk* time for me and *palm slap forehead* time too. I must admit that I am a total failure at multitasking. While trying to smooth out a proposal for Carina, work on the WIP on the next in the Hauberk series for Samhain, Texas Tangle’s release […]

My Wayne’s World impression (and a contest)

Happy Victoria Day to all my Canadian friends. Putting on my Mom hat for a moment: remember not to finish those 2-4s and then drive. There have been enough reports of deadly crashes already this weekend. You may have noticed over on my list of guest bloggers that Lorelei James […]

Corralling Questions for Lorelei James

Sorry I’ve been away for a couple days–I was in Toronto all day yesterday attending a workshop put on by Toronto Romance Writers‘ featuring RITA award winning author and Red Sage editor Alicia Rasley. Alicia was talking about “story glue”, the elements that bind a story together from first page […]

Rubbing Elbows with Famous Writers

Today’s lucky winner of their choice of Lorelei James’ books is: PamKCongratulations! There were 49 items in your list. Here they are in random order: 1. Pamk 2. Cathy M 3. Crystal GB 4. Lyoness2009 5. Tiss 6. Aliens 7. Eva S 8. Carol L 9. Paula 10. Amy S […]

Daily Draw Winner #32

Today’s guest is one that gave me a real “woohoo” moment when she agreed to guest blog on my bash. Yes, Lorelei James is another author I stalked because she’s one of my favorite Samhain authors. Confession time. I’d never read any of Lorelei’s work until January of this year. […]

Lorelei James: Neurotic Writer under Deadline

I’m sitting here looking at my calendar for July. Except for one single day*, it’s completely filled with names of authors who have gone above and beyond and offered to help me celebrate my birthday. Each time I opened an email and saw “I’d love to blog” I got a […]

Gobsmacked and Grateful