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Meet Gina Gordon Your significant other will be home any minute. Dinner is made, the children have been shipped off to a safe place, the table is set, the music is playing and the lights are dim. There’s only one thing missing….where’s the sexy? I’ve come to the conclusion that […]

Gina Gordon: What makes you feel sexy?

The whirlwind of being a newly published author struck home the other week. My first release, No Fantasy Required, is out now. Released this past Monday and I’m dying to know how it’s doing. Has anybody decided they would like to read it? It seems so surreal that something I […]

Cristal Ryder is having the Ryde of her life!

I’ve always been psychic but what really made me develop my skills was when my daughter started seeing dead people from the time she was two years old. I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to consol her with, “Darling there’s nothing really there,” especially as she grew […]

Cathleen Ross: Waxing Eloquent about Ghosts

Today’s guest is Wendy Ely whose novel Confessions released yesterday. (And it has one of the most gorgeous covers I’ve seen in a while. Can you imagine that hung on your wall? It’s art all on its own.) Wendy  lives in Phoenix, Arizona with a son and a daughter. While […]

Confession Time with Wendy Ely