Maison Domine

Why Skylar Kade’s Glad She’s Not Living “The Dream”

I first hosted today’s guest Skylar Kade during last July’s birthday bash. When I went back to see what Skylar had written then, I discovered this little tidbit (in answer to what she loved listening to): Skylar: I love listening to ….Chris Young. Leah here … I’d not heard of […]

Skylar Kade’s Dominating Grammar 11

The Impotence of ProofreadingBy Skylar Kade A publishing house runs like a well-oiled machine: the author writes, the line editor checks grammar and syntax, the content editor catches errors and polishes that sucker until it is a thing of beauty. Every person has their role—but how much should a writer […]

Skylar Kade. Author and Princess Extraordinaire. 30

Today’s guest is a brand new author not only to Samhain but to publishing itself, so I’m thrilled to introduce you to Skylar Kade. I went over to her website to see what I could discover about her. No shy maiden, our Skylar. How many people describe themselves as a […]