Margaret Moore

Pay It Forward Friday is my way of thanking authors who have done something that has helped me either personally or professionally in some way in the past years. Some I’ve only met online, some at conferences, and some have become long-term friends. Others may not even know what they did, or […]

Pay It Forward Friday – Margaret Moore

I’ve been writing almost as soon as I learned how to print. When I finally got serious about my writing, and decided to see if I could actually be published an editor I met at a local writers’ group encouraged me to join the Toronto Romance Writers. She even forwarded […]

The best writing advice I’ve ever had

I love romance writers. The first time I went to a Toronto Romance Writers‘ meeting I was greeted with so much enthusiasm it was almost overwhelming. I’d never been in a room full of such supportive women before, so willing to offer advice and cheer for your accomplishments and sympathize […]

A hearty thanks…

Yesterday Gizmo Guy and I headed into Toronto. I was attending an “un-conference” called Book Camp TO – a free conference for anyone involved in the publishing industry – reps from small publishers such as Coach House to large publishers such as Harlequin and Random House participated, as well as […]

A Day in Toronto

So I FINALLY got a new pair of glasses – and had to cringe when I got the bill. Although my prescription has changed slightly, I haven’t ordered anything out of the ordinary for my lenses, and the frames only cost $130. But where my last pair of glasses cost […]

Out of Focus

… in the wrong hands is a dangerous thing. Alexander Pope in An Essay on Criticism, 1709 I’m taking a course on GMC that requires some intense concentration as I figure out my heroines’ internal and external conflicts – not an easy thing for me to do, especially in the […]

A little knowledge …

I did it! I’ve jumped into the deep end of the pool this month! And I’m not sure I can swim. But here I am, paddling furiously. I’ve been a closet writer since I was 6 years old, and my sister and I used to write scripts for the original […]

Jumping In!