Marley Delarose

I saw this video over on Marley Delarose’s blog earlier this week, and I just had to share it here because it moved me, quite literally, to tears …

Break out the Tissues

You know how I said it was spring on Sunday? It’s winter here again. There’s a blanket of white stuff covering my poor little crocuses. *sob* Ah, well, at least I know it’ll probably gone in a couple days as the temperatures are supposed to go back up into the […]

We interrupt spring for winter again

Phew! Two MAJOR chores done this weekend – the re-organization of Gizmo Guy’s and my office is done. I now have my own five high for all my books and office supplies, etc separate from GG’s disks and tools and computer parts. And my Mac and PC are tied together […]

Time to put my feet up … finally

What a whirlwind it’s been lately. Along with a few interviews and advertising features, I think I’ve got almost all my guest-blog posts written and sent out now. It’s been a challenge to try to make each one unique without being an in-your-face Buy My Book post. So far for […]

Five Days and counting down …

Marley tagged me for a meme the other day … since I’d already created two blog posts and deleted them this morning for being too whiney, I figured this was a good time to do this. 1.List one of your writing goals for the month of June and how likely […]

Writing Meme

Wow, it’s the end of the week already. Or is that finally? I can’t believe it’s almost the end of February too! Where has this year gone? I feel like I’ve been in a whirlwind for the past week and haven’t had a chance to sit down. I think I […]

And I thought I’ve accomplished nothing this week…

… of mice and men often go astray. All right, I admit it, I paraphrased the quote. Robert Burns actually wrote: The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men Gang aft a-gley, An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain For promis’d joy. But who the heck says ‘gang aft […]

Best Laid Plans …

So far today is a bust for writing. Started out sleeping in – very rare for me. Normally I have to crawl out of bed before every one else to pick my eldest son up from his night job. But he is away visiting his new girlfriend. So I guess […]

NaNo Day two … and a new blog for you ...

Turkey’s just about gone – thank the Lord for that. It’s getting boring. Monday’s oppressive humidity of 34 dropped to the much more reasonable 11 it is now. (Converting for my US friends … 93 to 51F) My forward writing on my Jewel story, and the Delving Deep sequel have […]

Snowed under – metaphorically speaking, that is