Moira Rogers

To be honest, I’m happy to see the end of 2013. While there were no major incidents last year – no strokes, no heart attacks, no deaths of any of my loved ones, I felt like the entire year was filled with a series of stress-inducing incidents that left me […]

Goodbye 2013, I hope the door hits your backside on ...

You may remember that last year I participated in Moira Rogers’ Get Hooked on a Series contest.  Well, it was so successful that Moira’s running it again (her third time, my second time participating)  I’m giving away yet another copy of Private Property, the first in the Hauberk series. 21 […]

“Get Hooked on a Series” returns!

First item of good news: A huge congratulations to Curly. He’s joined the ranks of the employed by getting hired for his first part-time job at local grocery store. Considering the unemployment rates in this town thanks to GM closing down the truck plant, that’s an amazing feat. To make […]

Good news, good news and good news!

Hmm, I did a double post yesterday. I’ve been so distracted lately, I hadn’t even realized it until now. Ah, well, that leaves me today to announce my participation in Snippet Saturdays which starts tomorrow. Each Saturday a group of authors such as Lauren Dane, Jaci Burton, Anya Bast, TJ […]

A new feature tomorrow!