IT arrived yesterday afternoon. What is ‘it’ you ask? A 2004 Yamaha V-Star 650 Classic. Guitar Hero’s motorbike. (With no naked lady figures, you’ll notice!) It’s not the sports bike that is so popular these days, it’s a Cruiser. (I’ve been having lessons on the differences between Cruisers and Touring […]

Toys for Big Boys

Thanks to Guitar Hero for pointing this PDF out to me. It’s a real document, and can be downloaded from … look at the bottom left … it’s the doc called “Driving Tips from a 1962 Honda Publication.” It’s just too funny not to share. I LOVE that first […]

Found in Translation

It’s 1:30 and I’m finally sitting down at my computer. I spent the morning running Guitar Hero around – picking him up from work, driving him over to the dentist’s for a filling, then two towns to the west to look at motorbikes. Yesterday GH spent the morning calling insurance […]

Price Shopping and a Compliment

While we were watching Guitar Hero testing for his motorcycle licence the other day, we sat near a huge Harley Davidson. Yup, that’s me sitting on the grass just beyond in the picture above, Guitar Hero discussing his test with me. In my upcoming novella, Private Property, I have a […]

Motoring Along

Guitar Hero passed. He is now the proud holder of a motorcycle licence. Oy! For the past two and a half days, he’s been studying hard at the local college who run a motorcycle licensing course. From learning basics such as how to mount the bike (did you know there’s […]

He’s got a Ticket to Ride

In the very first paragraph of Private Property, I have my heroine, Jodi, hearing the distinctive sound of a Harley approaching. Little did she know she was about to meet the rider – Sam. And little did I know that Guitar Hero would soon be plotting to get his own […]

But he wasn’t ‘Born to be Wild’