Ever since I posted that “Where in the Hell is Matt” video back on Monday, I’ve had the song playing in my head. It’s downloadable to those in the States through Amazon for $1.98 – or .99, I see it for two prices, not sure what the difference is. Unfortunately […]

Voice of an Angel

Earworm time! For some reason over the last couple months, Gizmo Guy has been hooked on this Discovery channel commercial. It’s the one commercial he’ll actually UNMUTE the television to listen to. On odd occasions (like right now) I hear him humming it – and he’s not usually one to […]

I love the world, or Boom-de-Yada

I found this story through Miss Snark’s blog and was blown away. It’s about a ‘survey’ the Washington Post did. They asked world renowned violinist Joshua Bell to play in a subway station in Washington DC one day, dressed as a street musician. And they videotaped it. Very few people […]

Music Appreciation 101