niagara falls

My freebie short story, Cherry Cottage, is up for download today over at The Samhellion. After today it’ll be here. This story absolutely kicked my behind to write. It took me a week as well as phone calls from Texas and Louisiana as my critique partners poked and prodded me […]

Cherry Cottage

It was a lovely day yesterday – sunny, warm enough you didn’t need to wear your heavy winter coat. Birds were chirping their mating calls, the male goldfinches are actually gold now instead of their dun winter colors. It’s spring. Which is why they’re calling for snow on Monday and […]

A video – just because

Ugh. It’s April yet it’s blowing a gale and there’s snow in the air. I figured there’d be one more storm just to remind us we live in Canada, but I don’t like it when it’s into April and still snowing. Not unheard of, but it still leaves me grumpy. […]

Spring is Here? Where?

So that handy-dandy gizmo Gizmo Guy installed two days ago cr*pped out last night and crashed both my computers. So that’s being pulled out today. Apparently it’s either one of those things where you have no problems with it, or it gives you lots of problems. *sigh* I was so […]

Putting On A Good Face

I’m back finally – still sniffing and snorting with this cold that will not go away. But we’re glad to be home. Gizmo Guy and I have been in Niagara Falls for the last few days staying in a beautiful bed and breakfast called Park Place. Our suite – the […]

Wine time

On July 3, 1976, I went on a date with a friend from high school who I’d met when he’d returned for our high school graduation. Igor (a nickname he never really liked, not his real name) is 6’5, 250 pounds. He was a professional football player. But inside he’s the […]

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