Nine Naughty Novelists

I’m over at Nine Naughty Novelists today, blogging about anti-heroes. Especially since the opening scene of Hidden Heat reveals the hero is an assassin in the very first paragraph. Do you like anti-heroes? Do you not like them? What’s your criteria for things a hero can do before he is irredeemable as […]

Being Naughty for the Day

I’m guest blogging at two different sites today talking about my hero and heroine and their evolution. (I hadn’t realized I’d set up the topics like that until I started writing this post.) I’m over at The Nine Naughty Novelists’ blog today talking about two women who influenced me when […]

Playing in Other People’s Sandboxes

Phew! My turn again. What’s gone on this week with the Braemel’s while I’ve been hosting all my guests? Well, as I told you last weekend, my eldest son Guitar Hero got a job, so he started that on Monday. The first day he came home and fell asleep by […]

Take Two