Aw man, it’s been a crazy-busy day today that’s just flown past. I’m sorry I never got the Twitter post up – I’m going to have to schedule it for Friday. Tomorrow I’ve got guest blogger JK Coi, on Wednesday Skylar Kade’s dropping by, on Thursday it’ll be October 1st […]

Where the heck did the day go?

I’m having two posts today – I’ll be posting the one about the Twitter Programs later. For now here’s the Banned Book Week blog post I screwed up on last week. You’ll probably be seeing a lot of bloggers mentioning that this week is Banned Book Week. We’ve all heard […]

Banned Book Week

Yesterday I wrote how cold it was overnight and complained that Mother Nature didn’t seem to realize that fall hadn’t started yet, that it was still summer. Well, the contrary bitch gets the last laugh – tomorrow,the weathermen tell me, the first day of fall is going to be hot […]

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