I should have posted goals for this week but I haven’t. Can’t even begin to think of doing anything but getting through the week. Keeping me busy #1: my erotica novella. I sent off 90% of my ms. to my critique partners for them to tear apart. I’ve got two […]

Busy busy busy

OY! I think I’m going to follow Eve Silver’s suggestion. I’m going to write Fallen Gargoyles as a paranormal. As she said, so many of the elements are already in place. The trouble is that the plot will have to significantly change since the paranormal elements will actually become a […]

Fallen Gargoyles

It’s over, and though I’m exhausted I’m happy – and inspired. Eve Silver was the PAN author who critiqued our group’s submissions. The other authors included a writer of YA, another historical writer, and a contemporary romantic suspense author. So we had a wide range of styles/voices. Eve offered her […]

After the critique