As part of trying to figure out what niche my newest MS would fit into in the Harlequin world, I’ve been reading a few Harlequins of the various lines. I figured, considering she’s a member of TRW who taught me a lot at one of the very first TRW meetings […]

A Man Worth Keeping

During my morning phone call with Mom, she told me about visiting Dad yesterday. They were sitting in one of the lounges as she was signing forms for the administrator, Karen; Dad was complaining because he couldn’t understand why she couldn’t stay with him overnight. So Karen said “Oh, she […]

Guess he’s feeling better…

At this time of year, most blogs have been about the goals or resolutions people have made for the coming year. My goal is to stay sane. Seriously! After running around to appointments with Alzheimers’ counsellors and Community Access contacts, geriatric psychiatrists, lawyers, accountants, not to mention the numerous phone […]

Acts of Catharsis

I’ve been a stay-at-home Mom for about 11 years now – as I stopped working, my sister went back to work. But apparently she’s forgotten that SAHM’s work as hard as women working outside the home … Yesterday I was on the phone with my mother listening to her rosy-colored […]

Did she REALLY say that?

The past five days have been incredibly hectic. I’ve spent hours and hours on the phone with my mother and my sister as we try to co-ordinate my father’s care. My mother’s shaky, naturally enough, and since she’s hard of hearing and terrified of what’s just happened, she’s having trouble […]

A steep learning curve

It’s not going to be smooth sailing ahead, but I don’t think I’m going to founder. (How’s that for a metaphor? Or is that analogy?) Dad’s definitely suffered some massive brain injury which has left him a husk of what he used to be. He doesn’t remember me at all, […]

Maintaining an Even Keel