Patricia Briggs

…ever admit that there are errors in their book? Books are written by human beings. They’re edited by other humans. And, as we all must admit, humans are flawed. We miss things. We make mistakes. As a writer, I find it almost impossible to read my own copy — I […]

Should an author…

It’s been a while since I allowed myself to rant on here. Bad for the image and all that. But here goes… Publishers say a cover can make a consumer pick up a book off the shelf. Well, for me, and for most Canadians, this is the part of the […]

Frugal? Or fed up?

My reading habits have changed over the years: this year was definitely the year of the contemporary. Since it’s that time of year for reflection, I’ve looked back at some of my favorite books I’ve read. Thanks to suggestions on Twitter (I love being exposed to new-to-me authors through the […]

Favorite Reads of 2010

I’m busy doing the very last run-through of my galleys today and sending them off. I have to, the deadline’s today, but I’m sooo tempted to go off and read someone else’s writing. You see, yesterday Canada Post was good to me. It delivered a whole whack of books to […]

Buried in Books

I seldom review books – I’m just too darned picky. But I love Patricia Briggs‘ Mercedes Thompson series. Last night I read the third in the series – Iron Kissed. For those not familiar with Ms. Briggs’ world, VW mechanic Mercedes Thompson is a walker – she has the ability […]

Review: Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs