It’s been so cold out today, that it’s been tough to keep the house warm. I’ve got the thermostat cranked up to 70 (generally it’s set to 68), but the office area is still bordering the lower end of the 60s. I’m at the point where I want to wear […]

Back on track

… and I’m a pantser. That probably doesn’t mean much to you, but it’s hard for me to admit. I keep insisting to all and sundry that I’m a plotter. Why do I insist I’m a plotter? When I’m writing, I sit down and figure out who my hero is […]

Hi, my name is Leah …

If you see a red balloon caught in your trees or drifting across the sky, grab it. It may hold a $12,000 diamond engagement ring. According to this article, one poor guy in England put said ring in a red helium balloon, intending to propose and have his girlfriend pop […]

A high flying proposal

Nano Day 6: Since November 1st, I’ve written 12,080 words for my story for NaNo. Sounds good, right? Not so good when you take a look at the document and Word Count displays 5902. I wrote 1600 words on Thursday, added another 1700 on Friday. Woohoo! Then on Saturday the […]

An up and down week ..