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Want to get in on a detail of my work-in-progress? My beloved hero is having to buy a brand new cowboy hat. Here’s where you come in. What type do you like to see your cowboys wearing? (So I don’t break any copyright laws, I’m not pasting photos on my […]

Vote for your favorite style of cowboy hat for my ...

I mentioned the other day that I’ve written a short (as in 12K) story that has Sam proposing to Rosie (they’re the couple in Personal Protection). ¬†After his original plans are thwarted, Sam’s determined to get down on one knee and propose. He’s got the whole night planned–they’ll spend Thanksgiving […]

Help Me with a Title

As you know, some of my guest bloggers hold contests where they give away copies of their books or other swag. As do I. But I’m wondering — just how long should I be leaving the contest open for people to comment before I draw a winner? I’ve experimented a […]

Question for all you contest lovers

I thought I’d give you a chance to have some input on one of my Works-in-Progress – the western which up until now has not been titled. (Chad’s story hasn’t got a title either but I’ll deal with that another day.) A few of my friends (shout outs to Anara […]

A Poll & a Contest