Yesterday my story Perfect Proposal released on Amazon and Smashwords, then this morning I was watching my favorite Breakfast Television show on a local channel and they were talking about how to propose and how not to.  For instance, never propose at another couple’s wedding.  They also suggested that you […]

What makes a proposal perfect?

Since I met quite a few people on the weekend that I confused by using buzzwords, I’m going to continue the theme this week of explaining the terms that a non-author or beginning author may not be familiar with.  This is not intended to be a how-to article, merely an […]

What did she mean, she queried someone?

If you see a red balloon caught in your trees or drifting across the sky, grab it. It may hold a $12,000 diamond engagement ring. According to this article, one poor guy in England put said ring in a red helium balloon, intending to propose and have his girlfriend pop […]

A high flying proposal