Reader Appreciation contest

Annilu Magloire Congratulations, Annilu. You’ve won a copy of my back list. Email me at leah DOT braemel AT gmail DOT com with your choice (and format) of either Private Property, Personal Protection or Texas Tangle. There were 115 items in your list. Here they are in random order: 1. […]

Winner of August’s Reader Appreciation Contest

Armenia Congratulations Armenia, you’ve won this month’s Reader Appreciation contest by taking the time to leave a comment. You’ve won an autographed print copy of Personal Protection. Please send an email with your snail mail address to “contest @leahbraemel .com” (without the spaces or quotation marks of course) within 7 […]

Winner of July’s Reader Appreciation Contest

Gah, it’s almost halfway through July and I just remembered this! Sharon K Congratulations, Sharon K! You’ve won an autographed print copy of my novel Personal Protection. (There may be a couple extra little doodads thrown in too) Please send me an email to contest @ leahbraemel DOT com with […]

Winner of June’s Reader Appreciation contest

Chelsea B No, I didn’t forget this time. Oh, all right, so I intended to post this last weekend so it wouldn’t bother my guest blogger’s posts then the weekend slipped by before I realized it but I did remember I had to do it! Honest! (There’s been a LOT […]

Winner of May’s Reader Appreciation Contest

Mary G Congratulations, Mary G — you’ve won an autographed PRINT copy of Personal Protection! Email me at Leah DOT Braemel @ (replacing DOT with a period and removing the spaces) with your snail mail address so I can send it out to you. There were 126 items in […]

Winner of February’s Reader Appreciation Contest

Host! Congratulations, Host, you’ve won your choice of ebook from Samhain Publishing.  Take a gander at what they’ve got available at My Bookstore and More and let me know the title, and what format you’d like your copy in.  Email me at leah DOT braemel by February 16th, or […]

January Reader Appreciation Contest Winner

You remember I said my New Year’s resolution was to “stay healthy”? Right after I posted that blog, I started sneezing and sniffling. I’ve been down with a really annoying sinus-headache-pounding, went-through-two-boxes-of-Kleenexes, can’t-breathe-so-can’t-sleep cold ever since. *shakes fist at New Year!* Anyway, I forgot to post my Reader Appreciation contest […]

Winner of the December Reader Appreciation Contest

It’s December 6th already and I just remembered that I forgot to announce the winner of my Reader Appreciation contest for November: flchen1! You’ve won your choice of Samhain e-book. I’ll be contacting you shortly. Remember, you get entered in this contest every time you leave a comment any time […]

Winner of the November Reader Appreciation Contest

Almost forgot it was the start of a new month … which means I need to choose a winner for my Reader Appreciation contest for October. There were 137 entries this month … Congratulations, Nancy G There were 137 items in your list. Here they are in random order:    […]

Reader Appreciation Contest Winner for October

Kathleen O! For taking the time to comment on my blog this month, you’ve won your choice of any Samhain e-Book. So go on over to Samhain’s site and browse through their books, or their My Bookstore and More site, and decide upon which book you’d like. (You’ll probably find […]

Winner of September’s Reader Appreciation Contest

I totally forgot to announce the first Monthly Reader Appreciation winner … Elaineg8 Elaine’s already been contacted and has received her prize. Remember, you get an entry for each day you leave a comment (multiple comments per day only count as one entry.) The more days you comment, the more […]

August’s Reader Appreciation winner

Sorry I’ve been missing in action the last few days. I’ve not only got a new editor, but I’m working on a new story for a contemporary erotic novella. So I’ve jumped into my writers’ cave and am thrashing it out. Being a novella length, it shouldn’t take me too […]

Peeking out of the Cave