In one of the last posts for the Slow Ride Home blog hop, I’m over at Under the Covers where I interviewed Ben–and of course Allie had to add a few of her thoughts too. Ben mentioned one of his favorite cookies, so I’ve included the recipe which has been kitchen-tested […]

Interview/Recipe at Under the Covers

Yes, I’m back neck-deep in edits again, so while I’m busy fixing up all my punctuation and grammar errors, I thought I’d share a recipe my mom just sent me for split pea soup. In the email she noted some changes she’d made over the years to make it her […]

My Mom on life and Split Pea Soup

Hi Leah and Leah’s blog friends – thanks so much for having me here today. My novel ONE PERFECT NIGHT is set at Christmas, so I thought I’d share a few Aussie Christmas traditions with you today. When it comes to Christmas, there are a lot of things we do […]

Rachel John’s One Perfect Night

By some weird quirk of fate, and my misreading my calendar, I’m scheduled at TWO blogs today. In addition to the interview Gizmo Guy and I did at Toni Anderson’s blog, I’m also over at Madison Edward’s today, sharing a recipe for sweet potato casserole. (Yes, I know, people in […]

Blog hopping today

There’s an Indigo Girls song called “Southland in the Springtime,” and it contains a line in the chorus: “When God made me born a Yankee, he was foolin’.” That line resonates for me. Born and raised in upstate New York, only 90 minutes outside of Manhattan, I’m the quintessential Yankee. […]

Selah March: Food and Music from the Holler

Leah here: Today’s guest is also a neighbor of mine. Before you read her post, make her fantastic recipe for crepes, or find the link to a very special exclusive excerpt, let me tell you a bit about how I met Anara. In one of those strange quirks of life, […]

Anara Bella: Hunks That Really Cook

I know — I’ve often mentioned what a bad cook I am, so what the heck am I doing sharing a recipe you ask? Well, the other day on Twitter I mentioned that my son’s girlfriend made made me some meatless burgers for lunch. (She’d trained as a chef and […]

Walnut Burger Recipe