Don’t check my browser history

Over on Facebook this morning, I commented on my status that I really hoped no one was checking my browser history. (Don’t ask what I’m researching today.) It reminded me of a post I did back in 2009 … so I thought I’d recycle it for those of you who […]

I couldn’t do it. Could you? 3

Last Saturday as part of the Writers’ Police Academy, I took part in FATS training — that’s a Fire Arms Training Simulator. At first I thought it would be like one of those FBI training sessions where we’d actually have to run around a room and chase suspects, with innocent […]

Countdown: 5 days

One of the things that slows me down when I’m writing (aside from self-doubt and plot issues) is the need to research my subject.  Talk to any author and they’ll tell you how easy it is to get lost in researching your topic. While I once worked with a security […]

“Rigor Me This” with Heather Long 9

On Friday, everyone was talking about the Super Bowl and the teams and whether they were going to a Super Bowl party.  Super Bowl madness was sweeping the country. When asked what I was going to be doing, I replied, “I am going to learn about dead bodies.” Football. Corpses. […]


It’s all in the name of research 15

I often wonder if anyone (meaning government agencies) monitors my emails. Because they must go a little nuts when they start reading mine. In the past few years, I’ve exchanged emails about: how morphine and other opiates were made in historical times. how a bad guy could sabotage a car […]

Isn’t it romantic? Hmm, maybe not … 5

I’m doing a little research here … I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with their Significant Others, current or otherwise, doing something they ‘think’ is romantic that you find … well, it’s not romantic to you at all. I know some of this is subjective – to one woman, […]