Last year I made a New Year’s resolution to “get healthy”. Little did I realize the challenges facing me on that one. Turned out it took more than just diet and exercise, but multiple visits to the doctor, numerous blood tests, more appointments with a specialist, several biopsies and … […]

Away we go!

Yup. Private Property is still at the top of the chart. It wasn’t a dream. Yes, I know some of you can’t figure out why I find it surprising, I just do. In other news … well, there’s not much other news. It’s freaking cold out again this morning -21C, […]

Resolution Check-In

Can you believe we’re already at the middle of January? I thought I’d give you an update on this year’s resolution to get healthy. It’s still alive, though I wouldn’t say it’s kicking. I’ve managed to stay on my diet (I’m watching calories, cut out snacks, using those little pink […]

Get Healthy check-in

I’m writing this from my Mac for the first time. For Christmas, I bought Gizmo Guy a gizmo that would allow him to use his two computers with one keyboard, mouse and monitor. He hooked it up and discovered it had some problems. First off, he has power on passwords […]

All Wired Up