RT Booklovers Convention

Yup, I’m back from RT — okay, I’ve been back a few days and have been buried in emails and such that I had to put aside while travelling. Before I get into the tale of our road trip, I sent out a newsletter with news of No Accounting for […]

Road Trip to NOLA (part one)

Wow, No Accounting for Cowboys comes out in just 2 days! So here’s another snippet from Paige’s POV this time… No Accounting for Cowboys He bent down and nuzzled her neck. “I’ll tell Momma to expect you.” Was he sniffing her? “What are you doing?” “Yesterday you smelled citrusy— like […]

Snippet Saturday — making scents

I’m getting ready to leave on a road trip to New Orleans for the annual RT Bookloves Convention. Almost 2500 people — authors and other industry people meet up with readers to party and chat and share their love of romances. If you’re there, I’ll be wearing a white straw […]

Going to RT? Have I got a survival pack for ...