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Leah here: As I mentioned the other day, and as Heather mentions below, Heather and I met (very) briefly in New York ten days ago and didn’t get anywhere near the time I would have liked to have had to talk with her. (We’ll have to co-ordinate our schedules better […]

Heather Long – Viva Las Vegas, baby!

Thanks for having me back! Last time I was here was in July of 2009 when I talked about my love for geeks (By the way, that has not changed and I’m proud to say The Big Bang Theory is one of my favorite television shows.) I’ve been a […]

Lisa Pietsch is a Task Force all her own

On Friday, everyone was talking about the Super Bowl and the teams and whether they were going to a Super Bowl party.  Super Bowl madness was sweeping the country. When asked what I was going to be doing, I replied, “I am going to learn about dead bodies.” Football. Corpses. […]

“Rigor Me This” with Heather Long

Have you ever heard that authors should write what they know? Today’s guest Lisa Pietsch writes about military police, spies and all sorts of intrigue. An eight year veteran of the US Air Force, Lisa knows where of she speaks. (She’s got some fantastic ghost stories over on my MySpace […]

Lisa Pietsch Knows Why Women Love Geeks

When I was down in Dallas Texas for a conference two years ago, my critique partner, Dani, introduced me to a lovely southern tradition of addressing ladies with Miss in front of their name. So for the entire time I was there I was Miss Leah. I quite liked it, […]

They Call Me Missy Jane