Gizmo Guy has the same birthday as my father. When I discovered that shortly after we’d started dating, I nearly dumped him. Seriously. As you’ve gathered from other rants I’ve done on my blog, my father and I are not at all close. So you can imagine my discomfort to […]


I’m in a ‘meh’ mood as Amy Ruttan calls it – I love that word, I hadn’t heard it before I met her but it so describes the feeling I’ve been in this week. I’ve read a few blogs and had a few emails from other people who are feeling […]

Can watermelon drag me out of the doldrums?

One of my favourite erotica authors is Lora Leigh who started out writing for Ellora’s Cave but some of her books are being printed by Berkley, and has also sold to St. Martin’s. She’s written a series of books about several races of what she calls ‘Breeds’. Scientists in her […]

Fiction made fact?